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kcp – Simplifying building massively multi-tenant services. Together.

An OpenSource horizontally scalable Control Plane for Kubernetes APIs.

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Isolation through Workspaces

A large number of independent, fully-isolated “logical clusters” known as workspaces.

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Massively multi-tenant API services

Enabling API service providers to offer Kubernetes-native APIs centrally using multi-tenant operators.

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SaaS-like API Consumption

Easy API consumption for users in their workspaces in a SaaS-like fashion.

Our Goals

Kubernetes at its Core.
No fork. No fragmentation.

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kcp takes full advantage of Kubernetes API conventions, the glue that binds the cloud-native technology ecosystem together and imbues Kubernetes popular end-user experience, but kcp has unbound it from Kubernetes workload orchestration and clusters.

One rule that is set in stone:

kcp exposes 100% pure Kubernetes APIs by using the latest Kubernetes releases as the basis.

We live and breath Kubernetes and the community. No compromises.
multi tenancy
kcp implements fully-isolated workspaces, each acting as its own Kubernetes-like cluster, with its own URL, its own set of APIs (e.g. different CRDs), its own RBAC, but as cheap and quick as a namespace

Massive Multi-Tenancy

APIs as a Service

api service

kcp extends Kube’s CRD extension model to an API export mechanism optimized for SaaS service providers offering APIs to thousands or many tens of thousands of user workspaces. Securely and efficiently.

walled garden

kcp does not replace Kubernetes, but complements it.

As a global control plane to inter-connect Kubernetes clusters.

As a backend to host Kubernetes APIs as SaaS to any Kubernetes on any platform and any cloud provider, natively.

Open – no walled Garden

Horizontally Scalable


kcp schedules workspaces to shared apiservers (the shards), similarly to pods scheduled to nodes and containers on a node sharing a Linux kernel. Our ambitions are to eventually reach 1 million workspaces and 10,000 shards.


kcp intentionally only knows generic APIs, no pods or related resources. Transparent-multi-cluster is a kcp sub-project to re-add many of Kube’s workload APIs, but reshaped to offer shared compute capacity making users forget about clusters and nodes.

Compute – Where are the pods?

We love collaboration 

We develop kcp completely in the open. Everybody is welcome to help making the vision of kcp reality.
Meet us in person in the #kcp-dev channel in Kubernetes Slack. Find our code at Github.
We have a weekly community meeting: every Tuesday 11am EST. Join us live! The agenda is available as Github issue shortly before the meeting. See the recordings on Youtube.


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